Signs You Need to Have Your Garage Door Fixed

Panel/Sectional Doors

  • Broken spring
  • Broken cable on garage door lock
  • Door not sitting level
  • Roller out of hinge or broken
  • Broken cable/cable drum
  • Broken hinge
  • Door will not stay closed/door keeps opening

Do not let your garage door problem linger. Simple issues in springs, cables or rollers will always snowball into something more serious. Get help from our professional tradesmen as soon as you can so you can prevent the need for a garage door replacement.

Roller Doors

  • Door not locking
  • Door ballooning out at top when closing
  • Door not closing smoothly

Tilt Doors

  • Broken springs
  • Loose jambs
  • Door not staying open
  • Broken lock assembly/cable
  • Broken spring anchor point

Roller doors are efficient as long as they remain functional. If not, let us come to your rescue. Whatever the issue is, roller doors are in danger of falling or not closing properly. Once it starts interfering with your daily life, Elite Garage Repairs can restore normalcy in your roller doors.

Is your garage door noisy? It might just need a service. At Elite Garage Repairs, we take pride in providing honest, reliable, tidy and competitively priced work.