Garage Door Remote Controls

Elite Garage Repairs service and repair garage doors all over Brisbane. If all you need is a new handset/remote control we are the place to shop.  If you go through all the images below and can’t find your remote control then take a picture of it and email to [email protected] or MMS to 0437 797 745.  We will find a replacement remote control for you.

Lost or Stolen Remotes

If you have lost or have had one of your remote controls stolen,did you know that Elite Garage Repairs can come out to your home and delete all existing codes and recode them on a different frequency. This will give you the peace of mind that your garage door is safe and secure. While on site we can carry out a service or repair on your garage door if required.

Remote Batterys

Elite Garage Repairs supply batteries for all the handset/remote controls that we stock. So if you can’t find them in the shops get in contact with Elite Garage Repairs to resolve all your remote control issues.