Garage Roller Door Openers Motors

Most people do not pay much attention to their garage door motor and other parts until something goes wrong. When the time comes, you need to be ready for the repairs—and this includes choosing the right replacement parts. That is why we’re here.

When it comes to roller door motors, Elite Garage Repairs will delight you with the best options. We offer an extensive range of products from different brands, giving you variety for every installation. Our experienced installers will help you choose the appropriate unit to replace your broken garage door part, so you can start repairing without any worry.

ATA Roller Door Motor


GDO-6v4 GEN2


The GDO6 Gen2 stands behind ATA’s reputation when it comes to quality. This new version comes with a Service Indicator that will let you know when to repair or service your garage door. The door opener has a bright LED courtesy light and compatibility features with Wireless Safety Beams. The GDO6 Gen2 boasts TrioCode™128 transmitters for additional security, Soft Start/Stop function for quiet operations, and advanced door profiling and obstruction sensing for safety.


The TrioCode™128 transmitter system provides secure home accessibility. The system transmits on three frequencies to prevent interference. This uses a 128-bit encryption protocol (with a limitless amount of random codes) for your ultimate security and protection.


The courtesy light illuminates the surroundings to provide security and
convenience when opening/closing your garage entry. The unit uses LED so
you can expect it to last longer.


The GDO-6 Gen2 comes with a 5-year/10,000-cycle warranty.
This gives you the assurance that you are choosing a reliable garage door motor.

Merlin Roller Door Motor




The MR650 uses less than 1 watt of power during standby mode, meeting the world’s energy standards. The motor has six standard, ultra-bright LEDs that will light up when the door is in use. This comes with a powerful and fast 12V DC motor and thermal overload protection, which can open any branded domestic door up to 16.5m².

This uses a Quiet Drive system that adapts to door spring and hinge operations. This feature provides automatic power adjustment and electronic door mapping. Merlin transmitters provide 18% more range than other products, so you can open your garage door from a specific distance. This comes with a Soft Start/Stop function that provides smooth, quiet door operation.

Standard Safety Features

Merlin MR650 comes with an automatic safety feature that will stop and reverse the door in case of obstructions. The unit is equipped with automatic force sensing that monitors and adjusts the force needed when in use.

Manual Release

You can activate the manual release to open your garage door
in case of power failure.


The unit comes with a 5-year warranty and a 5-year / 10,000-cycle warranty.
We stand behind the quality of our products. Our after sales support team
will provide assistance if you have concerns.

Napoleon Roller Door Motors


RDO 12


Made from composite materials and approved to meet Australian standards, the Napoleon RDO 12 combines innovation with classy garage door design. The unit comes with an internal LED courtesy light enclosed in the control box. The courtesy light will activate when you open or close the door—the light will remain active for approximately three minutes. Unlike other roller door motors, the RDO 12 can stop at any position while the door is in open/close function. The unit includes an LED Hlight globe to provide maximum lighting. This also comes with a stylish handset that uses an A27 12-volt battery. Rolling code transmitter is available in the unit as well.

Manual Release

The drive unit includes a manual release string that allows you to
open the door in case of power failure.


The RDO 12 is guaranteed to be free from material defects. This comes
with a 5-year warranty (for motors) and 2-year warranty (for electronic
and mechanical units). This warranty condition applies on the date
of installation.
5w4 5w2

RDO 28


Energy efficient and simple operations define the RDO 28. With just a press of a button, you can open/close the door. The motor allows the door to stop at any position. This comes with an automatic reverse and stop function that detects door obstructions. The motor uses LED lighting that automatically turns on/off—this will remain active three minutes after the garage door opens. Made of solid aluminium structure, the motor provides a lasting solution for your garage entries.

Manual Release

The motor comes with a manual release clutch. Simply pull down the handle to operate the door manually—push the clutch lever to restore auto functions.


As supplied by the Manufacturer, the RDO 28 is guaranteed to be free
from material defects. The motor has a 5-year warranty and a 2-year
warranty for electronics and mechanical units. Warranty conditions apply
on the date of purchase.
5w4 5w2