Tilt/Panel Door Motors

Napoleon Tilt/Panel Door Motorr


SDO 800


Super quiet and stylish motor built from the latest composite materials. If you have a tilt door this is the motor for you with the soft start/close function its one of the smoothest garage door openers on the market. The SDO 800 has the panel/sectional door covered too, with the C channel rail coming in a variety of different lengths up to 3 meters heigh. This motor will allow you to stop your door in any position you require. This motor comes in belt drive for even a quiter operation. The tensioning system on this motor is spring loaded to reduce noise and wear by taking up excesive slack in the drive chain/belt.

Manual Release

In the event of a power failure and you are required to put your garage door back on manual its as simple as pulling on the manual release cable. To put your garage door back on automatic pull the cable back towards the drive head of the motor. The trolley will then automatic reconnect when the motor is activated.


Garage Door Operator SDO 800 supplied by the Manufacturer is
guaranteed to be free from defects in material for a period of 5 years for
motors and 2 years for Electronics and Mechanics from date of installation.

5w4 5w2

ATA Panel/Tilt Door Motor


GDO – 11 Ero


The GDO 11 comes standard with the really important safety features such as Door Profiling and Soft Start/stop function. The soft start/ stop function is the ramping speed up and down at the start and end of each cycle this reduces stress on the door and opener for longer life, this makes for quieter and smoother operation. As a standard feature of this motor, if the door encounters an obstruction while moving, the opener either stops or reverses the door to reduce injury to persons and damage to property. It also includes a Standard Courtesy Light, and a service LED indicator to remind you when your door needs servicing.

Manual Release

For manual operation of the garage door fitted with this opener, pull down on the string handle on an angle towards the door this will allow you to manually open or close the door. To re-engage the opener pull the string handle away from the door.


Automatic Technology warranty in relation to the product:
(a) the Product’s drive units will be free of any defects in material and workmanship for at least 24 months after the date of installation, or 5000 cycles, which ever occurs first.
(b) the Product’s other components and accessories will be free of any defects in material and workmanship for at least 12 months after the date of installation.