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Most people do not pay much attention to their garage door motor and other parts until something goes wrong. When the time comes, you need to be ready for the repairs—and this includes choosing the right replacement parts. That is why we’re here. When it comes to roller door motors in Brisbane, Elite Garage Repairs will delight you with the best options.

We offer an extensive range of products from different brands, giving you variety for every installation. If you live in a cyclone-prone area in Australia, the OverDrive MRC950BBU is the most suitable garage roller door motor for you. It is designed to automate cyclone, wind-rated and heavy-duty garage doors. If you are looking for the latest garage door motor on the market, choose the SilentDrive Elite MyQ. It is suitable for overhead and tilt garage doors and uses the latest technology that ensures smooth operation.

If you have a broken garage door motor, our experienced installers will help you choose the appropriate unit to replace your broken garage door part, so you can start repairing without any worry. Whether you need your garage door motor repaired or replaced, we make sure that your motor is functioning well before leaving your property. 

RDO-MR855MYQ SilentDrive Elite-986x740

SilentDrive Elite MyQ - MR855MYQ

7 Year warranty! The perfect choice to automate your new or existing door. Suitable for steel spring balanced doors and has the latest technology for security & smooth operation. One of best selling models.

This premium garage door motor is compatible with the state-of-the-art MyQ Technology. With the MyQ connectivity kit, you can monitor, control and receive notifications using your smartphone, tablet or computer. The MyQ app allows you to schedule when your garage door will open or close, providing you with the utmost convenience when entering or exiting your garage.


SilentDrive Pro - MR855EVO

Monitoring & control of your garage door opener away from home. Receive alerts and notifications for complete piece of mind knowing you are in control away from home.

The SilentDrive Pro has several safety features such as the automatic safety reverse. This safety function enables your door to stop or reverse automatically if the door senses an obstruction while closing or opening. It also has a manual release function that, in case of power failure, can simply activate a release to open or close the door manually.


OverDrive - MRC950BBU

Specifically developed for automating cyclone doors in cyclone-prone areas of Australia, CyclonePro is the safe solution for powering cyclone, wind rated and heavy custom doors. It is designed to ensure smooth and quiet door operation.

Tested against other garage door motors, its transmitter has up to 18% better range which means you can start opening your garage door sooner than the moment you arrive at the front of your garage. Backed by a two year warranty, we stand behind our products with an after sales support team that ensures your garage door motor is functioning well.   

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