Servicing & Maintenance


Keep it running better, for longer.

Regular servicing and maintenance of your garage door is a cost-effective way to increase the life of your garage door. And yet, it’s something that many owners neglect. This can lead to catastrophic failures and expensive repair bills.

Why servicing is important

There are many moving parts in a garage door. In fact, its whole job is to move: up and down, over and over again. Every time it does its job, there is minute wear and tear on its components. The spring loses tension. Lubricant is eroded away. Grime builds up. Over time, all these little bits add up and can cause major damage.

The most common problem we are called for is motor burnout. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the motor isn’t there to lift your door, it’s just an aid. The heavy lifting is done by the spring. As the spring loses tension, this puts undue stress on the motor leading to premature wear and, eventually, failure. Regular servicing will prevent this from happening, keeping your more expensive motor from requiring early replacement.

What’s included in a service?

Every service includes a thorough review of the operation and condition of your garage door. We’ll go through each component and tests its strength, replacing worn parts to ensure optimal operation of your door. Below is a list of common items covered for various garage door types.

  1. Lubrication, maintenance and alignment check.
  2. Check lifting cable for fraying or signs of corrosion.
  3. Door spring tensioning &balancing.
  4. Door fixings &structure secured.
  5. Component wear & tear and replacement.
  6. Replacement of aged motor electronics and parts.
  7. Garage opener servicing &lubrication.
  8. Coding of new or existing remote.
  9. Replacement tracks and brackets.
  10. Replacement of weather seals, cables and springs.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your garage door to fix it. With regular servicing and maintenance, you can avoid costly replacements and keep your door operating efficiently.

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